#1: Book a class

View the schedule and choose a date, time, and style that works for you.

#2: Pack your bag

Dress comfy, grab your mat and water – arrive early.

#3: Embrace the journey

Flow, breathe deep and
clear your mind.

Embracing every skill level

with warmth and encouragement

SOUL Slow Flow Explore foundational yoga postures, promoting flexibility, balance, and strength at a pace that allows you to fully experience and explore each pose. Emphasizing proper alignment and breath awareness, this Slow Flow Vinyasa class is perfect for practitioners of all levels, providing a rejuvenating space for beginners to explore the foundations and for seasoned yogis to deepen their practice.

SOUL RestoreExplore slow, meditative movements and poses designed to release tension and promote flexibility. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned yogis, this class allows for deep stretching and extended periods of relaxation. High quality Manduka props provided; however, you are free to bring your own bolster, blocks, strap, and blanket.

SOUL Vinyasa FlowA dynamic vinyasa yoga class perfect for those ready to embrace new challenges and elevate their practice. This class introduces advanced poses while maintaining the fluidity of breath and movement. Explore a more intricate sequence at a faster pace enhancing strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

SOUL Sculpt & SweatPerfect for all levels, a unique fusion of yoga, weights, and interval training. Find balance through high-intensity intervals and low-impact strength exercises, sculpting both body and soul in a dynamic, energizing experience.

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  • Mental and physical health are interrelated
  • Helps with anxiety, depression and stress

  • Goats bring about joy and laughter